First Email Update

Dear Friends of Interfaith Childhoods,

Hello and welcome to our first email update. We have been very busy since we saw you.

Workshops: we have run very successful workshops Levenshulme, Manchester and in Greenwhich, London and Tower Hamlets, London. You can read more about these workshops by clicking the links below:

Levenshulme, Manchester
Our workshops have run through Alma Park Kids Club at Alma Park Primary School in Levenshulme. We started by making self-portraits and learning to express feelings through colour, texture and lines. After our self portraits we worked in pairs to create shared "values" pictures. Our "values" pictures expressed values that the children think are the most important things we need to bring forward into the future. These values included sharing, helping and caring. They also included "everyone having a home" and "looking after the environment". We then carried these values through into large group paintings that brought together everyone's values and their beliefs. You can see some of these pictures below. Notice that there are lots of homes in them, so that everyone can have a home, and lots of water so people can look after the environment. There is also a Mosque, so there is a place to pray.

After we finished our interfaith futures paintings, we spent three days making papier mache globes featuring pictures of "what really matters". Papier mache takes quite a long time to dry, so we had to do a little bit everyday. We painted our papier mache in our favourite colours and then stuck on our special pictures of "what really matters". These included pets, the environment, family, and religion. You can see what we made here.

We acted out how different places like home, school, church and mosque have different values in them, and we talked about how these values help us to become a grown up. We are looking forward to coming back to Manchester next year to make new art. The Whitworth Art Gallery will be showing some of our work next July and so everyone can come along to see what we have made.

Greenwich, London
We had a really great time making art with children from Cherry Orchard Primary School in Greenwich, London. You can see some of the amazing self-portraits, values pictures, and big interfaith futures pictures we made together here.

When you look at the interfaith futures picture you can see the hospital, where all the sick people are cared for, the park, which lets the environment grow, a mosque and a church and a temple, so Muslims, Christians and Hindu people can pray. We thought this looked like a great world to live in. Next year we are going to make papier mache balls of "what really matters" and a big tent that we sew our patches of "what really matters" into.

Tower Hamlets, London
Our workshops in Tower Hamlets run in Harbinger Primary School. We experimented with self portraits, values pictures and some large interfaith future pictures. In one of our interfaith future pictures, you can see a church on the top right and a mosque on the bottom right and lots of green grass, which produces oxygen to help the environment. Our other pictures show people looking after the world, and sharing the world. We are looking forward to spending more time with the Harbinger children next year.

Writing: The first project publication is out, and it has 50 free downloads. You can access the publication here.

Coming up: In the next three months we are starting workshops for children in Sunshine, Victoria and Springvale, Victoria in Australia.

Sunshine, Victoria: We will be running workshops in conjunction with BPA Children's Services, Sunshine.

Springvale, Victoria: We will be running workshops in conjunction with Springvale Service for Children.

In January we are back at Auburn Diversity Services, Inc. We will know exactly which week we will be running the ADSI workshops in January very soon. Email to register your interest. We are especially keen to have children coming back again, so please come along if you have been before.

Thanks for reading!
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Until soon,
Anna, Mia, and Kate